Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, High in ProteinGluten Free, Vegan, High protein Quinoa Porridge siennalula sienna somers

It was recently my 21st birthday, resulting in an indulgent few weeks involving lots of sugary and fatty foods. A few weeks and a few too many cakes later, I need to get back on track.

My key tip to a maintaining a healthy lifestyle is always a good breakfast. Having a good wholesome breakfast full of protein, carbs and healthy fats, not only keeps you fuller for longer but sets you up for a great start to the day, providing you with energy to get up and make the day your own.

My go-to get back on track breakfast is Quinoa Porridge.

Quinoa, pronounced KEEN-wah, is gluten-free, high in fibre and high protein grain. During the Incan Empire, it was referred to it as the “mother of all grains” and believed it to be sacred.

Nowadays, it’s hailed as a “Superfood”. Quinoa is a great choice (especially for Vegans and Veggies) as its high in protein and unlike other grains, contains all the essential amino acids, so is a “complete” protein. Quinoa also contains antioxidants which help to reduce inflammation and a portion contains 30% of your RDA for magnesium and 15% of Iron (both essential during your time of the month).

What I love about this recipe is the ability to mix and match and adjust the recipe to your preferences. Today, I had a chai spiced quinoa breakfast with raspberries, chia seeds, yoghurt and a bid drizzle of almond butter. Other times I love the indulgence of adding a teaspoon of cacao powder and having a chocolatey treat. Another favourite of mine is lemon and coconut quinoa porridge.

Feel free to experiment with any combinations and let me know how you get on.

Gluten Free, Vegan, High protein Quinoa Porridge siennalula sienna somers
Quinoa Porridge
Gluten Free, Vegan, High protein Quinoa Porridge

Serves 1

30g-45g  Quinoa or Flaked Quinoa
150ml Milk of Choice (I use almond milk)
150ml Water
½ tsp Desired Spices (Usually, Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg and occasionally turmeric or vanilla)
40g+ Fruit of Choice (Raspberries, Strawberries, Blueberries, Banana, Lemon and apples all work well)
Pinch of salt

Optional add-ins

10g Nuts (I usually use pecans or Almonds)

If you’re feeling adventurous, grate half a courgette in. Adds double the volume for an extra 10 calories.

Cacao powder if you want an indulgent chocolatey feast

20g of Protein Powder for an added protein kick (I usually use Pea protein but Whey works well too)


Optional Toppings- Mix and Match to your heart’s content

Nut butter (I always choose almond butter!)

Dollop of yoghurt

Mixed Seeds

Drizzle of Agave syrup, Honey, Date Syrup, Choc Shot or another sweetener

More fruit

Desiccated coconut

Chocolate buttons or pure cacao melts luxuriously on top


How to:

Place the milk, water, spices, quinoa and pinch of salt in a saucepan on a medium heat.

Pop the lid on and let it simmer, stirring occasionally.

Cook until a preferred porridge consistency (I like mine thick). With standard quinoa, this will take about 25 mins but flaked quinoa will take less than 10 mins.

Transfer to a bowl and go wild with toppings


Gluten Free, Vegan, High protein Quinoa Porridge siennalula sienna somers


With UK shoppers throwing away enough clothing to fill Wembley Stadium each year, our attitude towards fashion needs to change.  Fast fashion means that we can buy what we want and discard it with equal abandon.  New collections come and go so quickly that I don’t have time to fall in love with a beautiful piece of clothing, save up for it, and then cherish it. By the time I have earned enough money, it will be long gone from the rails.

 watch movie Smurfs: The Lost Village now


 watch movie Smurfs: The Lost Village now

Buying vintage fashion, I can own beautiful quality, timeless pieces which come with ready-made authenticity, whatever decade happens to be on trend.  I also never have to worry about meeting anyone else wearing the same outfit!

My Haulternative for Fashion Revolution Day is different to a traditional haul. I want to demonstrate that vintage fashion really can provide a viable alternative, not just to the High Street but to Designer fashion as well.  From my floor-length, gold Gucci dress worn 20 years ago on Blind Date, to my denim Burberry jacket picked up from a stand at Glastonbury, here is my vintage #haulternative.

To see more of my fabulous vintage finds, from £10 gold Valentino trousers to red Sergio Tacchini Tennis shorts for a quid, check out my previous blog on Preloved Clothing.

Vintage clothing comes with a ready-made story attached. I wonder who has worn it and where it has travelled. Fashion Revolution Day, on the 24th of April, wants you to think about the story behind your clothes, and ask brands and retailers #WhoMadeMyClothes?

“Be curious, find out, do something.
Become a part of the solution.
You can help to change the world, one outfit at a time”

On 24th of April, I will be supporting Fashion Revolution Day. If you want to join in too, watch my short video to find out how.

 watch movie Smurfs: The Lost Village now

 watch movie Smurfs: The Lost Village now

emma watson

I have never once considered myself a plus-sized model, yet I don’t fit the mould of the willowy size 6 models. However, a flow of normal-sized models are beginning to sweep the fashion industry.


Sienna Somers, savvy student

Sienna Somers, photographed by Dave Purgas

The French Parliament have proposed a legislation to set a minimum weight for any model working in France, whether it be catwalk, editorial or high fashion. Models would be required to have a healthy BMI, which is considered above 18. The average model is 5 foot 9 and would have to weigh around 125 pounds, whilst the current average weight for a model is between 90-120 pounds. Employers would be required to ask models for proof of healthy BMI, both before and after a model is employed. Regular weight checks with agencies and employers would be enforced and violators could face a fine of up to 75,000 euros and six months in prison.

This legislation aims to reduce the glorification of too-thin women, in the hope to combat anorexia. It is estimated that 30,000 to 40,000 people in France suffer from anorexia, a number which is ever increasing.

Plus sized models have been taking the modelling industry by storm in the last year, with Ashley Graham being the first plus-sized model to ever be published in Sports Illustrated.


sports illustrated, ashley grahamdownload Names on the Cup 2017 movie


Whilst the rise of plus sized models is a fantastic thing, it also raises some other issues, nowadays, anyone who doesn’t conform to the thin model ideals are automatically filed under the plus-sized model category. I consider myself one of the individuals stuck in this nameless limbo. Normal-sized model Myla Dalbesio, a healthy sized 10 was recently cast in a Calvin Klein‘s “Perfectly Fit” campaign and discusses size in an interview as part of the What’s Underneath project.

If the french legislation is successful, this could revolutionise the fashion industry and the models of the future. Most of the ‘it girls’ of the last 20 years have been under the healthy BMI; Kate Moss- 16, Cara Delevigne- 16, Jordan Dunn-15, Miranda Kerr-16, Rosie Huntington-Whitely-17. These faces may stop becoming regulars at Paris Fashion Week. Hopefully this will encourage healthy sized people to pursue modelling and change the modelling industry.


Here I sit at my desk, looking like a character from a bizarre 1960’s SciFi film, this is due to the fact I’m wearing a turban of clingfilm around my head which holds a pot of mayonnaise within…

The idea of slathering my head in mayonnaise is not new to me, as a child, when a bout of head lice went around school, my mother used to smother mayonnaise all over my head and then comb my hair out thoroughly, this made the lice and their eggs which used to stick like super glue, comb right out.
Nowadays, I use mayonnaise for a different purpose, to make my hair look and feel nourished and add a super shine without making your hair look too greasy.


My trusted hair dresser is just over 300 miles away from where I go to University in Cornwall. This means my hairdressers appointments are becoming rather infrequent causing my hair to become dry, flat and knotty.

As I awoke this morning, my hair had became a tangled mess overnight, at this point I realised that I was well due a mayonnaise hair treatment. Sienna's Dry hair before mayonnaise treatment wearing fashion revolution t-shirt

As I awoke this morning, my hair had became a tangled mess overnight, at this point I realised that I was well due a mayonnaise hair treatment. (wearing Fashion Revolution T-Shirt)

I’ve done many a bizarre thing whilst being at uni which my housemates can never understand at first, from drying seaweed to drinking apple cider vinegar, but each of them have finally begun to understand why I was doing these things after seeing the results.

When I mentioned to one of my housemates that I was doing mayonnaise hair treatment, she looked at me surprised yet confused and said ‘If you block the drains with mayonnaise, you’re sorting it out!’ which wasn’t entirely the reaction I was expecting and then she carried on to say that she’d never met someone who did as strange a things as I do, which I took as a compliment. So I understand if you think the concept of rubbing mayonnaise on your hair is crazy, but once you try it once, you’ll keep wanting the same results over and over again.


 How to do the Miracle Mayonnaise Hair Treatment

mayonnaise hair treatment savvy student sienna somers

You will need:
Full Fat Mayonnaise (basic brand will do)
Cling film (or shower cap if you have one)

Firstly, and probably most obviously, spoon out
the mayonnaise and cover your hair generously
from the roots to the tips ensuring everything is well covered.
I ended up using around ¾ of my mayonnaise jar.

Mayonnaise hair treatment by savvy student sienna somers                             Mayonnaise hair treatment by savvy student sienna somers

Wrap your hair up tightly and securely in Clingfilm (or use a shower cap). Leave the mayonnaise in your hair for as long as you can. I leave mine in usually for about 3 hours, but even if you can only spare 20 minutes, it’s still worth doing it. Whilst I had my mayo treatment on my head today, I managed to run 10k on my cross trainer and write this blog, so that proves it doesn’t prevent you from doing every day things.


Once you remove the cling film, wash thoroughly with just warm water to begin till you get the majority of the mayo out, then use shampoo to ensure no mayonnaisey odour is left lingering.

After you dry your hair, however you prefer – I wrap mine in a cotton sarong then air dry – hopefully you will see the dazzling results and have irresistible model-perfect hair which you just want to show off!


sienna somers savvy studentsienna somers savvy student