Here I sit at my desk, looking like a character from a bizarre 1960’s SciFi film, this is due to the fact I’m wearing a turban of clingfilm around my head which holds a pot of mayonnaise within…

The idea of slathering my head in mayonnaise is not new to me, as a child, when a bout of head lice went around school, my mother used to smother mayonnaise all over my head and then comb my hair out thoroughly, this made the lice and their eggs which used to stick like super glue, comb right out.
Nowadays, I use mayonnaise for a different purpose, to make my hair look and feel nourished and add a super shine without making your hair look too greasy.


My trusted hair dresser is just over 300 miles away from where I go to University in Cornwall. This means my hairdressers appointments are becoming rather infrequent causing my hair to become dry, flat and knotty.

As I awoke this morning, my hair had became a tangled mess overnight, at this point I realised that I was well due a mayonnaise hair treatment. Sienna's Dry hair before mayonnaise treatment wearing fashion revolution t-shirt

As I awoke this morning, my hair had became a tangled mess overnight, at this point I realised that I was well due a mayonnaise hair treatment. (wearing Fashion Revolution T-Shirt)

I’ve done many a bizarre thing whilst being at uni which my housemates can never understand at first, from drying seaweed to drinking apple cider vinegar, but each of them have finally begun to understand why I was doing these things after seeing the results.

When I mentioned to one of my housemates that I was doing mayonnaise hair treatment, she looked at me surprised yet confused and said ‘If you block the drains with mayonnaise, you’re sorting it out!’ which wasn’t entirely the reaction I was expecting and then she carried on to say that she’d never met someone who did as strange a things as I do, which I took as a compliment. So I understand if you think the concept of rubbing mayonnaise on your hair is crazy, but once you try it once, you’ll keep wanting the same results over and over again.


 How to do the Miracle Mayonnaise Hair Treatment

mayonnaise hair treatment savvy student sienna somers

You will need:
Full Fat Mayonnaise (basic brand will do)
Cling film (or shower cap if you have one)

Firstly, and probably most obviously, spoon out
the mayonnaise and cover your hair generously
from the roots to the tips ensuring everything is well covered.
I ended up using around ¾ of my mayonnaise jar.

Mayonnaise hair treatment by savvy student sienna somers                             Mayonnaise hair treatment by savvy student sienna somers

Wrap your hair up tightly and securely in Clingfilm (or use a shower cap). Leave the mayonnaise in your hair for as long as you can. I leave mine in usually for about 3 hours, but even if you can only spare 20 minutes, it’s still worth doing it. Whilst I had my mayo treatment on my head today, I managed to run 10k on my cross trainer and write this blog, so that proves it doesn’t prevent you from doing every day things.


Once you remove the cling film, wash thoroughly with just warm water to begin till you get the majority of the mayo out, then use shampoo to ensure no mayonnaisey odour is left lingering.

After you dry your hair, however you prefer – I wrap mine in a cotton sarong then air dry – hopefully you will see the dazzling results and have irresistible model-perfect hair which you just want to show off!


sienna somers savvy studentsienna somers savvy student