Dolly’s Gin Palace and a Seafood Feast

After three weeks of frugality, it’s time to enjoy spending some of that money I’ve saved…

Falmouth may be small, but you certainly won’t be pushed to find quirky and intruiging places to go. First stop on our night out, Dolly’s Tea Rooms & Gin Palace. Just off the main high street, take the arsenic green staircase up to Dolly’s emporium where you’ll be greeted by a pearl-wearing labrador.


Experience a vintage style tea room which transforms at night to a wine, cocktail and gin palace. There’s a small but imaginative range of cocktails and an extensive range of gin, all served in teacups.


I had a “Hoochy Poochy Mama”, consisting of ginger beer, whiskey, mint and tonic water. My companions tried “Mad Hatter” (G&T with cucumber and lemon) and “The Queen of Hearts” (Campari, orange juice and golden rum). I wore my Richard Nichol top from a sample sale recently, see my previous blog post on sample sales.


After a few cocktails, we headed down to The Wheel House, a specialist seafood restaurant with a welcoming environment and astonishingly good food. On tripadvisor, The Wheel House has an incredible overall 5* review from over 400 reviews. On arrival, the waiter came and sat down with us and ran through the entirety of the menu and he allowed us flexibility on the order, timings and size of our meal. 

We order 12 scallops initially. They came with a deliciously tangy bisque which cut through the creamy scallops perfectly. It was hands-down the best scallops I’ve ever had (and my Step-Dad used to be a chef!) Then we had “Traditional style” Mussels et frites (with chips) which were also extraordinarily tasty.


Finally, we had a medium crab (which was ginormous). It’s a great place for families to get several dishes and share. In order to make the most of this experience, it is quite necessary to get stuck in and use your hands in order to get every last bit of the crabs meat out! You don’t just eat what’s in the main body of the crab, you can use the tools provided to crack open the claws and legs and get out every last ounce of delectable meat.